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Green Maps
by Kyle Roderick

April 29, 2008

Imagine a world atlas charting health food stores, recycling centers, farmers’ markets, museums, wilderness, holistic medical clinics, schools, parks, wheelchair accessible sites, etc. This global guide to green and enlightened living is just a mouse click away thanks to the non-profit global Green Map System

The power of a good map is that it can alter our perception of the world, and in just ten years, an international band of mapmakers collaborating on the Green Map System have charted nearly 300 of the world’s cities, towns, villages and bioregions in more than 40 countries. Fun, informative and user-friendly resources for children, students, locals and especially tourists, Green Maps support the human family’s efforts to live sustainably and enjoy nature while helping spread the word about eco-mapping to new locations. (...)

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Being Green
ta Monica Green Maps
Time Warner Cable - SoCal News

February 24, 2008

Santa Monica Mirror
Area Watershed Green Map Is Unveiled
by Hannah Heineman

October 31, November 6, 2001

The Santa Monica and Ballona Watershed Green Map was unveiled at a launch party on October 14.

The two-sided map was developed by Duvivier Architects in conjunction with the City of Santa Monica to make residents and visitors aware of the resources that make it a sustainable community. It focuses on “ecological and cultural resources found throughout the Ballona Watershed, such as important waterways, wildlife migration routes, wetlands, public lands, alternative transportation corridors, environmental organizations and green businesses.”(...)

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